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Two odd computers


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Hi everyone,

I recently acquired two computers that are possibly older then DOS. The only info I have is below. A site with some instructions on how to use them would be great. Thanks

One is a KAYPRO(On the left)

The other is a RadioShack TRS-80 Model 4 Microcomputer with 64K Ram(On right).

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CP/M was the standard operating system for the first generation of Kaypros. The first application software that came with the Kaypro II included a highly unpopular word processor called Select that was quickly dropped in favor of an office suite from Perfect Software which included PerfectWriter, PerfectCalc, PerfectFiler, and PerfectSpeller, as well as Kaypro's own compiled S-BASIC (which produced executable .com files). PerfectFiler featured non-relational, flat-file databases suitable for merging a contact list with form letters created in PerfectWriter. PerfectWriter itself was initially just a rebranded Mince and Scribble from Mark of the Unicorn, which was itself a CP/M implementation of the (then) mainframe Emacs and Scribe using BDS C. Later on MBasic (a variant of Microsoft Basic) and The Word Plus spellchecker were added to the model II suite of software. The Word Plus included a set of utilities that could help solve crossword puzzles or anagrams, insert soft hyphens, alphabetize word lists, and compute word frequencies. Another utility program called Uniform allowed the Kaypro to read disks formated by Osborne, Xerox, or TRS-80 computers.

All models seem to be 80's but they "faded out" after that - Full write up in Wiki's pages , did not go further -

The Radio Shack model was a Cassette Tape drive with all processors in the Keyboard -

http://oldcomputers.net/ A good site for ALL old computers -

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Maybe its on its last legs, Buttons :) :)

How much hard drive space does each have, just out of curiosity?

One of my teachers had us use an original floppy as a bathroom pass. hehe

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I have no idea on the hard drive. Yep, got a bunch of those bendy disks. :) After looking more at the bottom I found contrast dials and a power switch. Must of not been doing something right. Turns on now. But other then that I'm pretty clueless.

Edit: Removed quotes.

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I was born quite a bit before 1998. :)

The first PC I worked was an IBM PC back when IBM released them in '81


I was working for IBM in hardware mainenance and was luckily enough to get lots of training on them.

They probably are prominently displayed in the Smithstonian Institute that I have been to several times:



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Mind de-quoting me, Buttons? :)

Anyway, aren't they neat! I had no idea why they were called floppys until then :) lol!

I think our Windows 95 computer had like 500 MB total of harddrive space or something, now its like insane how many GB are present :)

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It's a radioshack brand. Radioshack is a company in the United States of America that sells electronics. It's like a scaled down store of Best Buy. However I don't think you can buy radioshack brand computers any more. They do have their own brands of things such as batteries and other minor things. You can't read it in the picture, but in between the floppy drives is a logo that says "RadioShack TRS-80 MODEL 4 MICROCOMPUTER".

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Oh my word....! They're so CUTE! You snagged yourself a nice piece of history.... Bravo!

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My old Sinclair Spectrum had 48k (not Meg - kilobytes!) of Ram, and (I think) 16k of that was used by the OS. Programs were loaded off a cassette tape, and in the remaining 32k programmers fitted some great little games - in COLOUR! The processsor ran (again memory is foggy) at 4.7MHz, but I'm sure someone can correct me there.

A great little computer!

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