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indeed this has been discussed many times, and its not that its not on the top of their list, but doing a search you will see that the reason was basically because of the following:

It is due to the way MBAM is designed to work, it is designed to be run on the machine that is infected so that it can do the best job during the cleaning process. Scanning from a flash drive or a bootable CD, MBAM would not be able to load and scan the registry of the infected drive hence not being able to detect all infections and clean them properly.

We do have steps available of how you could update the database file using a flash drive or a CD.

Hope this answers your question.

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You are correct on one point that MBAM is designed to run on an infected system. However, SuperAntiSpyware has come up with a portable version where the infected computer doesn't need to be booted to a clean environment. I think it doesn't even need to boot in safe mode. It was designed to keep the infection running so it can be detected. Sorry if I'm not getting myself clear.

Meanwhile, I've been going to bleepingcomputers website and noticed that in many cases, their RKILL and/or FixEXE.reg (tool to fix the corrupted EXE file association in the registry) needs to be run to enable MBAM to install and run. I wish all portable versions will automatically do that too (or could be one of the options) so that it will just be a one-sweep fix because some people blame their antispyware for not fixing the "open with" problem after the disinfection.

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SuperAntiSpyware "SAS" does has a portable version I have used it often. Just download and run it. It contains the latest definitions so even if malware has blocked internet access no problem. The download will have a random file name and a .com extension.


While a portable version of MBAM would be sweet I would rather see the folks MBAM spend their resources on other issues than basically reinventing the wheel.

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