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recommend appropriate OCR program?

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Can anybody recommend an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program that can do what I need it to do?

Here's the situation: Over a period of time, I figured out the chords to about 280 songs. Yeah, I know you can get the chord progressions to songs online, but they tend to be very inaccurate. I worked on each song until I was positive it was exactly right. (It made sense to do it since I was getting paid.) And I wrote down each song, by hand, one song per sheet of paper.

Now I want a permanent, neat record of all of these chord progressions, so I can print them out as requested.

So I scanned the song sheets I had written, with the idea of then translating them to text via an OCR program, and then formatting them in Word.

The problem is the OCR programs I tried. First I tried FreeOCR. It can

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Hi Bob -

It seems that you have Googled this (OCR) quite well and it seems that you mention all the similar items that I find -

Have you looked for a music related forum that may have a better version, related to your problem, than you have already found ??

I Googled "Music Forums" and found many , but did not find your problem yet -

Thanks , but sorry - :)

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  • Root Admin

Well cursive and non standard objects such as you may have in a music score for translation can be very difficult.

Probably the two best applications out there for a home user are:

Abby Fine Reader : Trial download available $399

OmniPage : No Trial $499 Pro, $149 Std

Unlikely you are going to obtain good results from the free versions and methods. Even with one of these professional versions your results may not be stellar as they're more designed to convert standard text documents not a special document such as you have.

There is also something like this: http://www.intelliscore.net/ensemble_faq.html

But not sure what the final result you're looking for.

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Apparently it doesn't handle chord notation. Thanks anyway.


Softi Software's FreeOCR:

ABBYY FineReader 10 Pro:

They don't even try to process hand printed stuff.

Simple Software's SimpleOCR:

I.R.I.S. ReadIris Pro 11.0:

Too bad they tried - they accomplished nothing but wasting my time. I came up with a rather funny euphemism for their performance but unfortunately it's inappropriate for a public venue.

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