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Compiled 16-bit ASM shows as Trojan.Agent

Johnny Bravo

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I compiled a 16-bit ASM file and the binary shows as Trojan.Agent in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. I'm not sure why it is being picked up as a trojan when it isn't.

Any ideas why it's being picked up?

Here is the source code that I compiled:

TITLE Encryption Program (Encrypt.asm)

; This program uses MS-DOS function calls to

; read and encrypt a file. Run it from the

; command prompt, using redirection:

; Encrypt < infile.txt > outfile.txt

; Function 6 is also used for output, to avoid

; filtering ASCII control characters.

; Last update: 06/01/2006

INCLUDE Irvine16.inc

XORVAL = 239 ; any value between 0-255


main PROC

mov ax,@data

mov ds,ax


mov ah,6 ; direct console input

mov dl,0FFh ; don't wait for character

int 21h ; AL = character

jz L2 ; quit if ZF = 1 (EOF)

xor al,XORVAL

mov ah,6 ; write to output

mov dl,al

int 21h

jmp L1 ; repeat the loop

L2: exit

main ENDP

END main

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