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Hi, I did a scan yesterday and Mbam picked these up for the first time. Not sure about the program as I did'nt install it but others could have . I uploaded a few of the files to virus total and they were clean. I have attached a developer scan as required.

Regards maxi


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Thank you for the quick reply . Consider it destroyed :)

Also have just removed this. So annoying . Completely getting in the way of legitimate auto complete code on searches such as BBC iplayer and Google.

Don't know how it got installed either and went under the radar.

Good riddence

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I see I'm not the only one that picked up this trashware along the highway. I have Norton in addition to MBAM and Norton missed it. The MBAM scan isn't finished yet but it shows (1) infection so far in a full scan - hopefully that's it, it looks like it caught it with you guys....

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Update- my MBAM scan did not pick up Autocomplete Pro....the item that was picked up by the scan was something else.

However, I did discover that "AutoComplete Pro" on my machine was embedded as part of a Firefox add-on called "Speedbit Video Downloader"

I removed Speedbit and that got rid of AC Pro.

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