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Guest Dariush

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Guest Dariush

Can you tell me why this IP is being blocked? & From yesterday I have troubles with opening this two sites: www.nhl.pl & www.notebookcheck.pl.

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They're both blocked because they reside on a NETDIRECT IP range. Sadly this ISP is well known for allowing malicious content on their network (and there's been a major increase in it of late).

If they're your sites, I'd suggest and strongly recommend, you move them elsewhere.

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Guest sylwester

The problem is Malwarebytes software and not netdirect using Level(3) Frankfurt datacentre. And Dariush already received suggestion to change it.

If you have any problems with netdirect just drop them an e-mail. For a given reason they will be happy to block IP address of the server.


I have found Malwarebytes activation e-mail in SPAM folder (SOLUNANET-4,, :)

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NetDirect have been sent many e-mails, by myself, and by other researchers, and only some have ever been responded to (ask them why there's been a major growth of fake AV's across their range :)).


I read the thread on the other forum btw, and a slight correction for you - only a single IP is blocked on Level3's ranges, not their entire ranges :) (it's only NETDIRECT that are the issue here, not their upstreams)

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