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Hard to get infections....


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[MS WinXP Home 2002 - SP2; OE 6; IE 6; MS Office Pro; Avira Antivir Personal Free anti-virus; Dell Dimension XPS T448MHz Pentium III; 384MB RAM; high speed cable; Windows Media Player; Adobe Reader 8; Adobe Flash Player 10 Activex..]

Hello, I just got rid of the Cleanup Antivirus which reported that I had 800 infections! I scanned with Malwarebytes and was surprised it said ZERO INFECTIONS after a 2-hour scan! Someone said to use http://www.surfright.nl/en/shop/hitmanpro which took just 2.5 minutes and found 3 infections! I then posted in "MS Windows" here and 3 wonderful members: mountaintree, noknojon and Firefox showed me how to use the malwarebytes and advised to post here. And this time it found 783 infections, 16 values and 2 files!!! :)

I'm very grateful to them, but I'm still experiencing just one more "error": "This document has moved redirec..." and it takes me to different pages. So I did a full scan with Avira and only found "2 warnings" which I don't know what it means, and another scan with malwarebytes which this time didn't find anything.

I was thinking of using "Hijack This" which I never used before, but I'm afraid since I can't tell which items are ok to delete and which items are system files and best left alone....

Will appreciate it a lot if someone could give me some suggestions? Thanks so much! Adela

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