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I found an ant killer -


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I have found an avatar that can now stomp on marktregs ant - The ant will finally get stomped on if it heads down-under !!

Thank you John.. that ant scares the ---- outta me every time it scrolls up the screen in the left corner of my eye. :)


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A bit OT but not completely : when I was reading this topic yesterday my cat caught sight of the crawling ant and tried to catch it (again) in vain (once more). :)

When doing so he must have hit a couple of keys on my keyboard as the laptop (Dell Inspiron) shut down.

Now I would like to know which combination of keys one can use to shut down a computer instead of doing so by going to "start".

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@ mona7865 -

If by chance the cat hit > > >

1 / Windows Key

2 / U Key

3 / Enter Key

In that sequence (not at the same time) then the computer will shut down - It is known as the 3 key shutdown -

Depending on the unit it may only "send it to sleep" and the Start > Turn Off > Turn Off sequence is still required -


Funny Cat -

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When I was working I stayed at the Hilton Sydney for 4 days and went to Bondi Beach and walked around the Opera House. I met many friendly people there.

I don't have a cat any more. :)

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