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mlfcache.dat: Spyware or Apple Safari used file?

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Is the mlfcache.dat file located in the \windows\system32 folder a part of Spyware or used by the Windows version of Apple Safari v4.04 web browser?

I ran a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (latest version) full scan and it found nothing infected on my computer.

I am having a problem with my Symantec Norton 360 v4.0 anti-virus software not running (it keeps getting disabled). I contacted Symantec technical support and they did a remote session on my computer and they claim that the above mentioned file they found on my computer is spyware software that they say "I allowed" to be installed on my computer. They said I need to remove that "spyware software" from my computer or Norton 360 will not work. They said that Norton 360 did not prevent it from being installed because "I allowed it". They said either I have to remove it on my own or pay them $100 to remove it for me.

I did a google search on mlfcache.dat and found that somebody said that file is used by Apple Safari. I found not find any references that says it is spyware or a virus.

Can anybody confirm that it is a valid Safari file? If you use Safari for Windows, can you please tell me if that file is on your computer in that folder and which version of Safari you are using?

If anybody knows that this is a spyware or virus related file, can you please let me know the name of the spyware or virus and the URL of a webpage that describes it and how to remove it?

Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

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Hi bkoopers -

It's used by the Safari Web Browser for Windows, 3.2.3. - As per Firefox - Do you , or have you ever used the Safari Browser ??

That is where it comes from - If you no longer use Safari then you can delete it (No reference to Malware anywhere I can find) - (But thats Norton)

Thank You - :unsure:

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