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Setup.exe appearing in task manager

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I searched the "newest threats" subforum and found some information about a malware called setup.exe.

Now I'm thinking that do I have it on my computer 'cause I've seen setup.exe in my task manager belonging to user processes, not the SYSTEM. It pops out randomly in the processes list and disappears as fast as it came. When the process is on, usually it brings huge CPU usage too. I haven't paid attention on it, it just opens sometimes and stays for just a little while.

So is there a way to identify that is it a malicious process or a ussual part of Windows(I'm running Windows XP Home Edition SP3)?

If you need, I can upload HijackThis log(online analyze didn't find anything suspicious).

Mbam also didn't find anything.

I use CCleaner every day to clear temp files etc.

My antivir program is Avast Home Edition(version 5?) that has P2P and some other useless modules removed.

Windows Defender haven't found anything.

I've had recently Win32:Adware-gen and 112.exe(adult content dial-up) recently but I succesfully removed them and erased the infected restore points. No trace of them found.

I haven't noticed anything unussual that would have something to do with setup.exe.

If I found the source of the process and files included to it, I'll upldoad them to you.

My issue isn't high priority at all so please focus on all the others first and reply when you have free time :unsure:



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