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regular malwarebytes scan

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I've set MWB to run a daily scan at a particular time. However, whilst it is doing the scan it generally prevents me from opening up other programs or documents by causing them not to respond, or else they are incredibly slow. This has only started recently since the latest update.

I don't have any malware or trojans and my pc is clean. How can I solve this problem please?

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I sometimes have the same problem and I'd say that it's probably because of increased CPU usage. Some old computers can't handle bacground processes+malware/virus scan+some other program at the same time.

I would recommend just to run scans and other programs separately, not at the same time.

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As with F/Saint - My older computer needs to keep to a minimum so I click a Quick Manual Scan at meal times so that nothing else is running -

You can always set your auto scan for 5.00AM or 1.00AM if you prefer -

If MSE wants to scan at its set time and I am doing something else , I can Always wait 10 mins for the scan to end -

My life is not my computer , I Always spend time walking outside if there is something set to run while I am at the desk -

Thank You - :huh:

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On my Windows 7 system it uses both CPUs at about 50% on a Quick scan and causes no performance problems.

On my XP Pro system a Quick scan causes no performance problems.

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Ye it's the best option to run the scan when you're somewhere else so you don't have to watch the scan go slowlyy forward :unsure:

And now I take out the boot scan again... It would be easier if you add boot scan to Mbam because then the scan will be performed without running backgrounds at the same time. That may help with older CPUs.

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I've scheduled a daily quick scan. I like the idea of scheduling a scan overnight or for the early morning but surely this wouldn't be possible when my pc is switched off? (Excuse my ignorance.) My pc is only switched on when I'm using it which means that the scan must be done then so if I'm in the middle of working I don't want to have to down tools, go for a walk, or hang around before I can finish what I'm doing.

Nice idea but......

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Hi Shy,

Well with your background you're used to the applications being able to control that but on Windows there are very few sophisticated applications that can use threading properly and set CPU affinity - in brief the answer is no and I would not expect it any time soon. Home computers are not like the Main Frames of yesteryear that had to time slice applications well for all types of resources. On the PC the OS attempts to give everyone equal share time of the resources (though it doesn't always work out well) there are some high end applications that do used threading but they too don't typically set CPU usage.

In theory the best practice is to shut down all other applications including Web browsers and run your scan.

Got'cha.. It was just on my wish-list. :unsure: Perhaps for 1.56 or later; we're only coming up on 1.45 now. Lots'a time to ask ahead of.. *wry grin*



PS: I have a 2-year old computer with dual 2.6ghz cpus and I run a $#*&load of background tasks and MBAM-scanning only increases my usage to about 48% max on the "gadget". I was just feeling the other user's pain. *wink*


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Like mentioned above, NelliO seems to do the scan at work or am I correct?

If your computer is at your workstation away from home, I'd suggest that Mbam would add a feature:"Turn off the computer after the scan has been completed" so you can leave the scan on when you leave(I think it's possible to set your computer to turn off automaticly at specific time with some program or script)

If your computer is located at home, just start the scan before or after work.

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