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HELP : MALWARE affected

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Hello .... I have been successfully using Malwarebytes for last few months. Its better then the corporate anti-virus/spyware which is on the laptop. I update Malware very frequently and last time i did was yesterday evening. I did a quick scan after update and found everything ok.

Today morning my laptop is affected by virus or spyware and it has taken control of malwarebytes software too. i cant go to any site as its redirecting me to some adult sites.

what can i do to get my laptop and malwarebytes back to normal.

thanks in advance.


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Always state your Windows version & edition and the antivirus app for the problem pc.

Run your antivirus app & let it quarantine what it finds.

Then, Right away, see the note below (with link) in the Malware Removal sub-forum. Skip the MBAM part but do as much as possible of the rest.

Do do the remaining perliminaries (like getting and running DDS and GMER scans)

then follow the intructions, and create a new topic in the Malware Removal sub-forum http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=7

posting the details you mentioned above, plus logs from DDS & Gmer.

Please have plenty of patience until you get a reply there. The forum is very busy, as are the volunteer expert helpers.

Once you post, wait for an authorized helper to reply to you.

You will need guided help to resolve all the issues. We do not work malware removals on this sub-forum.

My best to you.

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