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New Website Design

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As promised back when we moved the forums on to their own subdomain, we've been cooking up a new design for our website. We've just launched the first version of that new design, which you can see on our main site at this very moment.

As the dust settles from this move please let us know if you find any issues. We'll be watching this thread closely for your feedback.

We have a lot more exciting things coming up with the website, so stay tuned!

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*A typo:


Multi-lingual support.


Hmm. Lingual is Ok indeed. Sorry for that. I though it is ment to be Multi-langual, but it's wrong.

*Double click the downloaded file to install the application on your computer.

Should be changed to

Double click on the downloaded file to install the application on your computer.

It is my opinion.

*And, that Usage section should also speak about updating (to update before scanning)

Nice work btw!

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Oooh it's brilliant! I like it! Nice job MBAM team . :blink:

Just one thing - on the old website there was a link to a great big list of malware that MBAM detected. I forget the name of the list and what the link was called, but you probably know what I mean. Wherebaouts can we find that now? I looked, but perhaps not hard enough.

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I checked malwarebytes.org, with the W3C Validator and came some problems.



CSS , but there are some warnings:


CSS validates fine if you check against CSS3 instead of 2-


The HTML issue is a much weirder one. If you look at the specific errors they're all do to query variables being included in links. Specifically the ampersand (&) is throwing a warning, because w3c's validator doesn't think they should be where they are. Unfortunately if we follow their advice and encode it then the variables turn into one giant string, which is pretty useless.

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