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NvCplDaemon coming back


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Look into your windows services and see if the "nvidia driver helper" service is

running. This service will insert the nvcpl into your startup registry

everytime you boot your PC.

Go to "Start" >> Contol Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services

In Services look for the Nvidia Driver Helper Service. If the service is started, double click on the service, this will open the service "Properties".

Where you see "Startup Type", set this to disable.

Under "Service status", click on "Stop", click "Apply", click "OK", exit Services

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For now, StartUpLite only checks the Run keys, but I hope to magnify that into services, as well, soon.
Some Services are critical to correct operating system operation so I hope that significant consideration is given to what Services to be modified is high on your list.

Notes for a Happier Computer and User

http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htm <== XP

http://www.blackviper.com/WinVista/servicecfg.htm <== Vista

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It is possible to remove NvCplDaemon so that is doesn't come back. I use a program called EasyCleaner from ToniArts (which is a freeware program) It's been very handy in keeping my computer clean, anyway when I open EasyCleaner to see if any malifide startup entries are present, I click on Startup now the NvCplDaemon will be flagged as a valid green entry though, now when I delete the entry I get a message from Spybot S&D to ask if I'm sure start up entry should be removed, you'll see Spybot S&D will view a small window, now make sure that in the Spybot window you select the option to remember that the startup entry is deleted, so every time windows starts up Spybot kills off the entry after I log into Windows XP when it wants to activate. NvCplDaemon doesn't have chance, haha. It does the trick! :angry: And the actual service is not even disabled but set to activate automaticly at startup but the entry aint there because I did as explained above.

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