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I was checking the reports log on the Vista I keep tabs on that I've installed Avira free on.

Well, I saw in the log that the scans had been carried out, but the main page of the interface says no scan for a little over a month now! :/ I have it set to scan three times a week. Turns out the scan was aborted each time (by someone, nothing on the computer was actually stopping the scan), which I found out when checking the details of the scan logs.

Currently the scan mode display is on minimized.

My question is, what is invisible display mode like?

I was considering changing the mode to that so that hopefully its not going to get aborted anymore! I am also going to have a chat with them about it; the scan shouldn't be getting stopped anyhow.

Updates get through totally fine though :)

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Hi mountaintree16,

I also use avira free but on xp. I am not having this problem wheather I'm on invisable mode or maximised mode. It sounds like something is stopping the scan from finishing. You should I think sit down and watch a scan and see where it gets terminated. This might point you in the right direction.

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Thanks for your reply, Maxi :)

I am running a scan right now and it just finished :)

Someone is physically stopping the scan; nothing on the computer is actually aborting it.

Thanks for the idea, though.

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hehe :)

I am going to have a talk with them... scan needs to NOT be aborted, lol.

I was just wondering if anyone had experience with what invisible scan mode is with a scheduled Avira scan.. I was thinking that way it would be more difficult for someone to stop the scan :)

I already knew someone was actually stopping the scan, bleh.

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