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Remove sol, dat files (cookies) Manually?

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How can I manually remove cookies files? (sol-dat files) I use Firefox as my browser and do use Better Privacy, Ghostery and Track Me Not. I have set the Adobe on line setting to 0kb for no storage. But when I do a scan with Webroot it shows 218 cookies? If I do a search of the dat or sol file ext it will bring up a massive list of them. I have tried to manually delete them but they seem to regenerate? Any ideas would be appreciated!


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better privacy should be taking care off them for you and you shouldnt need to be manually removing them.

without knowing how youve set up better privcay i can only think youve not set it to do so.

or have the wrong path selected.

there are various options that you can set for b/privacy so it takes care off them for you.

and they need bother you no more.

ive set mine up so there deleted on firefox exit,on appication start,by timer (1 sec) also delete flashplayer default cookie,on cookie deliton also delte empty cookie folders.

ive also set delte dom storage file and not alowed ping tracking. the latter being my choice and not relevent to the removal off the lso cookies.

i dont use "Ghostery and Track Me Not" mabye ther clashing not sure as i havent looked at there setings.

i do know better privacy should be ridding you off thease files.

unless as said there a clash i dont know off.

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