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Need Convincing

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Hi all

I need a little convincing, i am currently an avira anti virus customer and i would like to know what makes MB better then Avira? and why i should purchase MB instead?

PoP ups:

Does MB have any pop ups? if so is there a way to disable them? last thing i want is a pop up bringing me out of my full screen game right at the most critical times, which Anti virus programs have a nasty habit of doing. (Norton, AVG, Avast to name a few)

Avira has a game mode to stop these pop ups, what does MB have?


I have read up that MB has a fast scan time of 8 - 10 mins and a constant real-time scan, how much does this real time scan impact the performance of a computer when running other programs?


Does the price on the website state just 1 computer of 3 computers that can be installed with?


Does all the programs on the site come with 1 package when you purchase the software regardless if there free or not? or do you have to download them individually?


How easy is it to setup? can a none computer person install, run and setup the program with ease? (My Folks not me lol)

Please let me know why i should purchase MB?

Thank you

Colin Hardwick

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Welcome Suisidel -

If you use the free version there is very little change except the paid version is Pro-active rather than Retro-active

PoP ups:

None - Except to warn you of a problem - Updates are done quietly -


My XP SP3 Quick Scan average 7mins- Some are quicker - Some are slower - It depends on your system -


1 Computer / Lifetime license - Never pay any more - Place it on your next computer - Discount for more than 1 license -


Free version will just remove after you scan - Pro version will auto detect and block also auto update -


A couple of clicks to install (as per free version) plus add your license /key codes - Also Full backup from forum or Head Office -

Thank You for Your Interest - :)

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Couple of other things...

MBAM is meant to work along side your current Anti-virus program not to replace it...

Yes, there is a pop-up showing that an ip address has been blocked and the database has been updated. You can disable the ip-protection pop-up, I know what you mean about "bringing you out of the game" You can disable that IP protection if its causing issues with your game...

I have my scans setup to scan at 5:00 am when the computer is not in use...

It is easy to set up, the exclusions that you might have to add to your antivirus program can be tricky but theres a great faq for that. The exclusions are to help your antivirus program and MBAM to play well together.

You should purchase it help you not get infected....period:)

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Thanks for the speedy reply :)

So this MB actually goes along with your anti-virus and doesn't replace it? i can't say I've heard that before usually you get a lot of conflicts.

I'm glad to hear that the Updates are silent on the retail version of the product and if i do buy it i'll be buying a licence for each computer my family owns and maybe more.

Question: if this program runs next to your anti-virus yet both programs can scan the computer, why have both programs? wont that slow down the machine?

Kind Regards

Colin H

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Thats why I mentioned about adding the exclusions in your antivirus program so it helps with any conflicts...

I"m running MSE with MBAM and added the exclusions into MSE and everything is running great.

MBAM is a lite program compared to the Antivirus programs so it isn't a system hog at all. I have all my scans set up to not conflict with each other and at night.

Why have both programs? Its called layered protection....

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