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about Microsoft Office security updates


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I'd like to ask a quick question.

I've done a customized install of a retail box version of Microsoft Office 2007 (just did not install Outlook as I don't like it - I'm perfectly happy with Windows Mail) but so far I've not allowed Microsoft to install Outlook-specific security updates (not that there are that many of them, although I have installed the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio ones as well).

I don't think this is a security risk of any proportion really given that the relevant program is not installed but I'd like the opinions / views of others on this please.

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Greetings Marcus :)

This issue has to do with the way that Microsoft Update\Office Update detect Microsoft Office products installed on your PC. Please see this item from the Troubleshoot Office updates FAQ:

Why are updates offered for Office applications that are not installed on my computer?

The Office Update site is designed to look for the Office suite that is installed on your computer. When it detects an Office suite, it offers updates for all applications included in the suite, even for applications that you have chosen not to install. You can download and apply updates for applications that are not currently installed. The updates are stored on your computer and are automatically applied if you install the applications later.

This means that you may choose not to install the updates if you wish and it will not leave you vulnerable. However, make certain you do install any updates for Outlook Express or Windows Mail as they do apply to your system.

For the others, you can choose to hide them if you never plan to install Outlook.

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