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Blocked IPs

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I'd like to suggest in a future version that the IP protection log also show the whois-name for the IP address. The whois part could be done as a background task and appended to the log after the IP BLOCKED pop-up disappears so it wouldn't slow down whatever the user is doing or muddy up the desktop. Right now I'm doing individual whoises as I read the log the next day. It's a matter of curiousity than anything else; of course, even better, would be the process/image/cookies/etc/et al that is trying to reach that IP address. :P

Thanks for listening (I *did* buy the Pro after a day of using the free version.. nice program)


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Really good suggestion as there have been times more than one popped up and I was not sure which was which and actually allowed a bad site unintentionally.

I guess if I had to choose between the name of the blocked IP or what process on my computer was trying to make contact with the blocked IP, I'd have to go with the process... Then again I'm not sure how practical my suggestion is as I imagine the code might slow down an older CPU/computer. Perhaps a point could be made to offer the option, one way or another?


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