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what's your security setup?


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I am currently running Norton 360 & MBAM Pro with Norton DNS, UAC ON, Windows 7 Home Premium. Ive tried so many avs, firewalls etc and after getting norton 360 free of charge im happy :) never get pop ups or system slow downs which surprised me because ive had problems with cpu spikes etc with norton internet security in the past. reset norton firewall once a week run ccleaner everytime i close firefox, scan once a day with mbam and once a week with norton and im good to go! :)

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lol, i dident relize when the last post was or how old this topic was :)

Heh, I might as well state my current security. Always changing my mind(can't find something I really like).

Antivirus- Clamwin + Clam Sentinel = Real-time Clamav

Antimalware- Mbam Pro, SAS Pro

Firewall- PrivateFirewall

HIPS- WinPatrol

Others Sandboxie Pro, WireShark

Browsers- Arora with Easy List(adblock subscription), Chrome Adblock, Flash Block

Edit: Added MSE. Well see how the latest does this time.:lol:

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MBAM Pro (beta 1.50)

SUPERAntiSpyware Pro

Norton Security Suite (free from Comcast ISP)

SRWare Iron (web browser) for surfing

Hardened Internet Explorer (low user rights) with Trusteer Rapport free and Key Scrambler free for on line banking

WRT310N router (dd-wrt firmware + Norton DNS)

UAC off

File Hippo update checker

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I have:

Avast Internet Security


Symantec Antivirus

GeSwall Free.

Is there anything else I need for my pc?



I really hope you're not running Symantec and Avast on the same system. Running two or more antiviruses can cause crashes, conflicts and slowdowns which could result in a nonbootable computer.

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