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Scan Hangs on RASAPI32.DLL

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I have used Malwarebytes for years and never seen this. I just put it on another system that previously did not have it installed and during a Quick Scan the process hangs when it scans RASAPI32.DLL - I can go to task manager and end the process which is "not responding"

I ran a scan in safe mode and nothing was found. I reboot and run a quick scan and now it hangs on scan of MSVBVM60. Reinstalled and it hangs on SHLWAPI.DLL

What is going on here? Scans in safe mode work fine.

THanks in advance.

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The DLL rasapi32.dll is the process file used to allow Windows to control modem connections. It is part of the remote access services (RAS) that controls Dial-Up networking. The rasapi32.dll file provides remote access capabilities to client applications running on 32-bit Windows platform

If you are not on Dial-up then it is not a required item - You can end the process if you wish -

Please try this on the computer that is having an issue as it will clear old versions and ensure a fresh new copy of the program -

1. Uninstall Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware using Add/Remove programs in the control panel.

2. Restart your computer (very important).

3. Download and run this utility. mbam-clean.exe

4. It will ask to restart your computer (please allow it to).

5. After the computer restarts, install the latest version from here. mbam-setup.exe

Note: You will need to reactivate the program using the license you were sent

Launch the program and set the Protection and Registration. Then go to the UPDATE tab if not done during installation and check for updates.

Restart the computer again and verify that MBAM is in the task tray and that you can run a quick scan and all is working as expected.

Note: It is the same process for the free version -

Also download Microsoft Visual Basic 6 common controls from HERE

Thank you - :(

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