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hm hosts file probs

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since this was added to the hm hosts file;

::1 localhost # IPv6

i keep finding errors when i update.

is this entry legit?

sorry i should off posted the errors found,i thought it might just be a beta thing and kept letting it fix the errors,there was 3,now down to 2 errors.however its a perstiant (sp) prob so now i am very sightly concered.i have goggled it and understand why it might be there but not why i am finding errors.

the error is a duplicate localhost enrty,on the next update i will post it.

till then can anyone awaser the above q?

thanks for anyones time.

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Greetings :(

I'm assuming that you're referring to HostsMan, correct?

If so then you should have posted this here as this issue is unrelated to Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

As for that entry, if you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7 then that entry is legitimate. I don't have any input as to why you'd be getting errors though so you may actually have better luck posting about this issue on the HostsMan forum located here and see if they can assist you with it. It's likely that others have had this issue as well.

Thanks :)

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firstly thanks exile.

and yes its the HostsMan file.

i did think that it wasnt related and was going to contact steven as ive tried regging at the hosts man forum but cant seem to do so.i did try a lot to reg there and also e.mailed them but never got a reply,not sure why.guess i will try again,if that doesnt work out i guess i should try contacing steven however i dont really want to bother him,still if all else fails i will see if he can help,thanks for you time exile.

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