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shwiconXP9106.exe *32 -- "Icon Utility" WHAT IS IT?

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Need help, please.

Starting here, before proceeding with the lengthy process of running all the diagnostics and such.

I noticed this weird process running in task manager on my Win7 64 system today: shwiconXP9106.exe *32.

I had experienced a BLACK SCREEN (no stop code, no error message) when I left the system unattended today -- uncharacteristically -- with MS Word 2007 and a file open.

I had to reboot from the power switch on the tower.

So, when I did, out of curiosity, I just opened the task manager to look for odd processes.

Nothing in event viewer that I can discern.

Not sure where else to look as all the new Windows 7 diagnostic stuff is WAY over my head.

Computer is fully patched, and I had not installed any new software or hardware.

Multiple MBAM scans are clean, as was a Super AS scan and a McAfee scan.

No other suspicious behavior.

I tried looking up this process @ ProcessLibrary.com and turned up nothing -- this worries me greatly.

I posted to bleepingcomputer.com (nothing on a search), and only received 1 vague response that it didn't appear to be a "friendly" process, but nothing specific about what it is or how to proceed.

I hesitate to contact either Dell or McAfee, as neither is ever helpful.

PLEASE, PLEASE advise as to how to proceed. I am WAY over my head, having gone for years with my XP and Vista systems without an infection, so this would be a first.

Thanks very much in advance,

daledoc1 <praying this won't be an overnight of disinfecting and backing up and restoring my new computer>

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Hi, FF:

WELL, seems it was a false alarm.

After a remote-assist tech session with Dell, we determined that it's a legitimate file associated with the multi-media card reader on the computer.

It has undoubtedly been loading at startup for as long as I've had the new computer, but I didn't notice it.

Since I'm not using the card reader, and since it surely doesn't need to load at startup, we removed it from the startup list in the system configuration.

It is now gone from the TM. :-)

I was doubly concerned about the file when I saw it in TM on my Win7 64 desktop and NOT in TM on my Win7 32 laptop -- led me to believe it was a rogue file.

But there was an innocent explanation to that, since the laptop doesn't have a multi-media card reader. <Doh!>

Sorry for the panic, but that file name sure did look spooky and, yes, I *am* paranoid. (I had already downloaded all the cleaner programs to my desktop and was about to start the procedures...)

Now that I know where the file is located in the program files folder, I can send it for FP analysis, if you wish, but it seems unnecessary now.

****Thanks, as always.****


PS Anyway, we determined that the "black screen" I experienced has something to do with the rather pesky ReadyBoost feature in Windows (aka ReadyBoot in Vista, now ReadyBoost in Win7 --Google it to learn more) and it relates to the myriad issues Windows7 is having with power management. As I've seen first hand, there are a zillion issues with this (and with sound and with backup utility). From what I was told by the tech at Dell, Redmond is "well aware" of the power problems with Win 7, including ReadyBoost. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon with a patch or with SP1. There is a workaround for the problem that involves forcing ReadyBoost to "save" its files not to the HDD but to a USB flash drive, but I don't have the specifics yet. I scheduled a call back for Monday to try it out...

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