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MBAM doesn't start with Windows

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Hi Marcin Hi all

I've noticed that since last database version (642) MBAM 1.11 real time module no longer starts when Windows starts,

This happens in two laptop running XP Home SP2.

The first one running Mc Afee VirusScan Plus 2008 + ZA PRO + rogueremover free + Firefox 2.00.14

The second one running AVIRA Antivirus PREMIUM 8.0 + ZA PRO + SpyBot S & D 1.4 + Spyware Blaster 4.0 + rogueremover free + Firefox 2.00.14.

On both laptops is installed a-squared amtimalware 3.5 (only on demand)

Is this only a problem of mine? :P

Many thanks in advance

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Are there any errors in the Event Viewer? Do you have the checkmark checked? If yes, please uncheck it and recheck it.

Hi Marcin.

no errors in Event Viewer, I checked checkmark, I'm gonna try to follow your advice, many thanks :P

Just let me open one of my laptops.

I'll make you know as soon as possibile, many thanks

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One more tip: check updates for your installed apps. I see you are still on SS&D 1.4, latest is 1.5.2, last update April 17 because of issue with Spyware Blaster.


thank you very much geradwil, I've just updated SS & D to fix issues with Spyware Blaster 4.0.

I didn't upgraded to SS & D 1.5.2 because of problems in immunization with Firefox, even though Patrick Kolla now says that with last update april 17 this issue shoiuld be fixed I've still some doubts.

I know it depends on FF 2.00.x engine, it's not fault of Kolla or Mozilla developers of course :P


Marcin: Issue solved, I unchecked then checked checkmark and now MalwareBytes' AntiMalware 1.11 starts whit Windows ;)

Thank you kindly

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