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Choosing a Printer

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I have been thinking about buying a printer lately, but I am not sure what I should go with. I've used an HP printer/scanner/copier combo in the past and it worked well, but I don't know if we have space for it (well if I clear my junk off the desk, we might :lol:). I just want a simple printer that I can print documents and photos from mostly, but one with a built in scanner/copier would be cool too.

My other half has a printer that he used with his Windows 98 computer but he apparently doesn't have the installation CD for it so I have no idea if it will work with this computer or not...

Suggestions, ideas, etc... are welcome :lol:

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I have a Canon MP970 which I am very happy with. Prints, scans & copies & super easy to use. (I use it with a HP laptop).

EDIT - also it has never once broken down (touches wood immediately), the quality of all functions is superb, and it comes with very good offline help & support pages. It is quite short but it is only slightly wider and deeper than a regular printer. Hope that helps.

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Don't print photos with a printer as you will be running out of ink faster than you can blink your eye and the cost of replacement ink cartriges cost as much as the whole printer it seems.

You can get cartriges refilled but only at a reputable refill outlet if you can find one.

Take the images you want printed to a copy shop like Kinkos or Wall-Mart and they will do them while you wait for a very small fee.

Any Lexmark or Brother combo package I have seen works very well.

If you get the make and model number of the printer you have then use Google to find the software for it.

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