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questions about antispyware apps

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I have some questions about antispyware apps:

1. I know you're not supposed to run 2 antivirus apps at once, but that you CAN run 2 scanner-only antispyware apps at once. But should you not run 2 real-time-protection antispyware apps at once?

2. Other than the fact that spyware "spies", just what is the difference between a virus and a spyware app? In other words, why can you run one antivirus app at the same time as a real-time-protection antispyware app?

3. Do all antispyware that offer real-time protection constantly run in the background to prevent the installation of malware, whenever an attempt is made to open a file or launch an application? Do they all also offer manual and/or scheduled system scans?

4. Does Comodo AntiVirus + Firewall include antispyware functionality?

5. Does Spyware Terminator include antivirus functionality?

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1. I would not run any real-time-protection applications with the same purpose. They can be kept as "second opinion" scanners though

2. The difference is that viruses harm your system while spyware keeps information about your system for its use

3. Most antispyware applications offer real-time protection constantly run in the background

4. I do not use Comodo nor would I use it with MBAM

5. Spyware Terminator has an antivirus component

Answers found by using Google.

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