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Automatic Update Did Not Work

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I installed the pay version of MB, last night at about 10PM. I set automatic update for 3PM. At about 4PM, I had to update manually. Any comments or suggestions?

In addition, in another forum there is a procedure to give points for a good answer. Is there any method here to show appreciation?

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Greetings rich46 :)

Please do the following to verify that the Task Scheduler service is running:

  • Please click on Start and select Run
  • In the run box type or copy/paste services.msc and press Enter or click on OK
  • Once the Services window opens scroll down the list until you find the Task Scheduler entry and double-click on it
  • Make sure that to the right of Startup it says Automatic, and if it does not, use the drop-down menu to make it so and click on Apply
  • Next, click on Start if it is not already started
  • Please open Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware again and temporarily change the update time to an upcoming time so that you can verify that it now works

Please let me know if the issue is now resolved.

As for giving points, the only way I know of doing anything like that is by visiting the user's profile who helped you and rating them using the star ratings and you can also leave comments about them if you wish that others will be able to see on their profile.

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Excellent, and thank you for the kind remarks :)

Please post back should you have any further issues.

Thanks :)

I help out at another tech support website and they have a rep system. If a poster likes the help received, they give rep points. The longer a member the more points that they can give. I know that it makes me feel special to get those one or two rep points, it completes the feeling of satisfaction that I get after helping. You gave me a quick and helpful answer, I wanted to be sure that you experienced the same satisfaction that I like to feel when I help. Thanks.

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Your thanks is plenty for me, I'm just glad to be of service :)

I followed the instructions, as given and the task scheduler is working properly. When the time came for the next scheduled update, I experienced the same problem. The task scheduler shows that the task was completed, but Malwarebytes was not updated.

Additional information

I am using a non administrative user account in Windows 7 and whenever I use the software I am required to click on run as administrator, first. If I do not click on run as administrator I am not able to update.

The box run scheduled tasks minimized is not checked. Am I correct in assuming, that when checked, this allows any scheduled tasks to run minimized in addition to full size?

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