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AVG anti virus has a problem with Malwarebytes

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Not at all over the top Mona. I would suggest you add WinPatrol by BillPStudios RogueRemover hpHosts .

I completely forgot to mention Scotty B), it's been a very long time since I've heard him give as much as a yelp.

Heartfelt thanks, JeanInMontana.

Can I run RogueRemover with real time monitor or would this interfere with (especially) AVG 8.0?

I'll have a look at HpHosts as soon as I'm home from work.

I'm really very grateful for everything I've learned here on this forum (and CastleCops and Dell support) and I admire all of you for your determination to keep us well informed and safe.


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Not hearing Scotty bark is good, seeing him down in the tray is comforting. B) I am not aware of a conflict in the real time monitor in RRP and AVG, the free version of RR doesn't have the real time monitor but blocks against bad sites much like SpyWareBlaster and a hosts file do. In other words it can add a layer of protection but doesn't actually need to be running to be helping keep you safer. You can update, immunize, run the scan and exit the program with either version. That's what I do. The hpHosts is not a running process or service either. It is a hosts file, which adds a list of known nasty websites to be blocked.

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The way MBAM scans files will trigger your AV to scan the file as well .

What I am saying is that if you scan with MBAM you are already scanning with your AV .

You can test this by doing the following :

(with AV protection turned on) Reboot and do a quick scan with MBAM .

Now reboot and disable your AV protection (if your not an expert it would be wise to turn off your internet as well) and do another quick scan .

The quick scan with AV on will take longer because your AV will be scanning the files MBAM scans as well and this will make scanning slower .

Wow that is very nifty!
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