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Help! Can't boot!

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Hi, my computer recently got infected with something called "Virus Protector: new age antivirus" At first I could access my desktop but when I reset my laptop it would not boot fully, instead when I would click on my name on the windows users screen to log in, this "virus scan" would come up. I have run into a similar issue before and malwarebytes solved my problem - but I can't even get my computer fully booted to be able to use malwarebytes..... Is there a bootable disk or another way for me to go about this?



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Hello Kaym,

What is your Windows version/edition? Please be specific.

Also, do you have the Windows operating system CD/DVD? Please advise.

And, if you can start Windows & login ---- no matter if that rogue window comes up---

do this to close the rogue window. Repeat as needed.

Use ALT+F4 keys to close those rogue pop-up windows. Press and hold the ALT key & then press F4 key.

Let me know if you can do the latter.

There's a lot more that you need to do, and it cannot be done in this sub-forum.

Reply with your specifics.

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