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Hello TBK1 :D

In my opinion the best options would be the following fro free AV's that are compatible with Vista:

I believe that Avira has the best detection rates, Microsoft Security Essentials is the simplest to use (basically set it and forget it), and Avast! has the most features in a free antivirus.

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They are all very good in my opinion, but her surfing habits will have a lot to do with it. Honestly, if she uses social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook etc then she will likely need more than just antivirus software. The fact is that no tool is always 100% effective against all threats on any given day. Safe surfing habits are a must along with using a good up to date antivirus software and realtime anti-malware solution, such as the Pro version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

If she is more computer savy then I'd recommend Avira or Avast!, if she is not then I'd likely recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. If she's willing to pay for protection I'd recommend either of the following as they offer more:

I personally use Kaspersky myself but it isn't really for novice PC users, I'm not sure which your friend is but if she isn't too PC savy then I'd probably recommend ESET. And of course, I highly recommend Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware as it is designed to work in tandem with your antivirus to block the newest nasties on the net that most antiviruses (even the best :D) tend to miss.

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For Classical HIPS (lots of Popups) I would recommend Online Armor

For Policy Based Sandbox HIPs (less popups) I would recommend Defensewall or GeSwall, it depends which one run's better on your system

For LITE HIPS (even less popups) I would recommend Winpatrol

For Behavior Blockers I would recommend Threatfire

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The biggest difference between the two is automatic malware termination. I don't need that because I can open the program and click terminate. GeSwall does have issues with MSE on some machines but works fine on others. I would recommend trying it on a VM before you install it on your real machine. Here is a nice review to see how well it works:

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