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Thanks, Yokenny, but my subscriptions options don't look like your screenshot.

In any case that is not what I was talking about.

Other forums that I visit have a button for accessing a list of subscribed threads and a way of subscribing to threads that are not automatically added to the list becaue I have posted in them.

This is a useful way of following action on threads I have a particular interest in.

Furthermore is is possible to reverse the order of post presentation to latest first?

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Hi StudioT and welcome to Malwarebytes.

Look at your first post and the "options" box you will see "track this topic", for all topics you wish to recieve notices of new posts click this. In your "My Controls" [the link is at top of every page on the right] once your in your control panel on the left is a sidebar and a section titled: Subscriptions and a section for topics and forums. This site allows you to subscribe to topics and entire forums.

I hope that answers your question and if not just let us know and we will have another go at it. :P

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I'm not asking to be notified, I'm hoping for a button when I log in, that lists (links to) only the threads I have subscribed to, from whichever subforum.

This facility is called 'quick links' in Major Geeks, whose forum first alerted me to Malwarebytes and provides a drop down box. It seems normal on Vbulletin based forums.

Back to this forum.

Jean I did find the pages you are referring to, but they do not seem to offer any way to subscribe to threads, or maybe I am too thick to find them.

Here is a screenshot of what I see

Oh dear it says upload failed, you are not permitted to upload this type of file (jpg)

Now what?

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Studio look at your first post in this thread. You will see Options. Click on that, and choose track this topic. Do the same for any thread you want to follow. You can also change the look of the thread there and the order of the posts. Entire forums can be subscribed to with that same link. It's a drop down menu.

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Studio look at your first post in this thread. You will see Options


You can also change ....the order of the posts

I get



linear+, (which seem the same as standard)

I'm gradually getting the hang of this place

Question is

How much damage will I do blundering about?


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