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Another memory usage issue?

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We've had memory issues with 1.43, as some will recall.

My MBAMSERVICE usually takes about 41MB RAM.

This morning it was at 51MB and didn't go back to 41MB, even after an hour.

Is there some problem with a database update? (forgot to check which one I have but I update every morning at 2:30)



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Last night I happened to notice mbam was using 51 Mb and I thought, "Oh, that's up a bit." I watched it, didn't see it creeping, so I didn't think too much more of it. This morning, after being shut down for the night, both systems are at 46 Mb. Not creeping up though like it was that other time.

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Hello :D

The amount of memory used by the service will vary from time to time after updates due to increase and decrease in size of the DB. This is perfectly normal. What was not normal was that the amount of ram used would increase dramatically with every update, only reducing after a reboot.

Should you notice the amount increase dramatically after each update, climbing the way it had in the past please let us know, otherwise everything should be working as it's designed to.

Thanks for the reports and for staying on top of things :)

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