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The Prospector

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He was fed up with trying to prospect on weekends and after long planning and saving he finally headed back deep into the mountains, prepared to spend until late fall if necessary in a remote little cabin working his claim every day.

Through the summer he relished his new freedom. Happily working long days, getting fair gold and amassing concentrates to be worked on when the weather got bad. He had been here four months now and it was different not hearing another human voice and although he had said he would enjoy that, it was starting to bother him a bit.

Then late that night came a voice! Startled he sat up form his work just as a loud knock sounded on his cabin door. He rose and cautiously opened the door to see a huge bear of a man, heavily bearded and rough looking, he recoiled a bit, but the mans voice as he spoke was curiously warm and comforting as he said......i 'm yer neighbor from down the crick a few miles and stopped to invite you to a thanksgiving dinner and celebration i'm having as i know you been here all alone these months.

He invited the man in and over coffee they chatted a while.

He said to the big man, that is very kind of you to invite me, can i bring anything to add to the occasion? Nope said the man, i have everything. There may be a bit of dancing too. Oh that's fine he said, i can dance and enjoy it.

The man said, there may be a bit of drinking too. Great! he said, i like a few drinks.

Then the man added, there might be some rough sex as well. He smiled and said, well i have been in the bush a long time and that sounds kinda good to me, what should i wear?

Don't matter what you wear said the big man, only gonna be the two of us............

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