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help with trojan removal

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I am fixing a friend's laptop that has been infected with viruses and need some help. I see that there are a lot of registry key viruses and from past experience(someone's pc) there were some in the registry key and it happened to be part of the boot forcing me to reinstall windows. I am hoping that if I remove the viruses that it won't corrupt the windows image. Sorry for my poor post and I hope you guys can help me out with the log file I am attaching. Thanks in advance!


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Yes, that may happen once in a while, because malware damages a lot. That's why it's always a good idea that, when you're infeced, you create a backup of files etc you don't want to lose.

This because, since there's already damage because of the malware, the computer becomes extremely unstable.

There's even some malware designed to kill your OS when you try to remove it,

Read this article for more info: When a Bot master goes mad - Kill the OS and here A Zeus botnet self-destructs

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