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False Security Programs?

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Last week, a program called Vista Antivirus 2010 got into my computer. It stopped me from accessing MBAM, AVG, and I just did a quick google and found out (of course) it is a rogue. It also stopped me from accessing the MBAM website, unless I was in a proxy (which I am using now). This also started happening with my ooVoo a couple months ago, where it stopped it from accessing anything ooVoo related, but there was no program in the way.

I went through these forums, and saw the solutions, but they did not work.

Whenever I try to update it gives me the 732 error codes, and both the quick and full scans can't pick it up. I also found a possible solution for the update by opening Internet Explorer. When I opened this, it gave me the source. I just deleted that file, and it seemed to get rid of the application, but I couldn't access the task manager from right clicking the taskbar, only from the CTRL ALT DELETE menu. I also had to choose an application to open a shortcut. (Firefox shortcut -> had to browse through applications to find Firefox).

But around an hour ago, I opened a random web page from StumbleUpon, and a similar pop up showed on my screen, for 'Vista Internet Security'. It's the same thing as the first one, just a different name.

I'm not sure what to do now, since I am pretty sure I didn't do a very secure method the first time I tried to remove it.

Thanks [=

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Hello Beebooga.

What is the Windows version / edition? What antivirus program is installed?

Please print out, read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete.

Do as much as you can of those preliminaries. At minimum, see if you can get a Gmer & DDS logs.

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