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question about mht files


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Can I ask a quick question?

I'm finding that every time I open a .mht file and I'm online the browser goes to the site without any prompting / clicking from me. It's always done this. But if I'm off line when the file is clicked on the file opens as before quite normally, without a problem. In either case the file(s) have always been perfectly usable, ie readable, copyable, deletable etc.

In the address bar the file pathway is always C:\...to the correct (local) location, even when the browser has gone to the webpage where I'd downloaded the file from. And this happens with any .mht file I open - it doesn't seem to matter where the file actually is.

I've always found this slightly strange; it doesn't happen at all with my .pdf files, even with the ones with hyperlinks in them.

I don't think this is a malware issue at all. I'm wondering whether it's related to the browser settings somewhere.

Is this normal? I'm sorry for asking what may be an absolutely stupid question witjh perhaps a blindingly obvious answer but it's beginning to bug me a little bit so please bear with me.

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