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CPU running 100% at times


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I have noticed lately that my CPU runs at 100% especially on several programs (but also randomly) - Facebook is the worst - Always runs 90-100% -

But there have been a few times that it gives readings of 90-100% even when the internet was turned off - I have a screen shot somewhere (will try to find) that shows Internet OFF and still running 95% - :)

Any other ideas except that it is time to replace - At the moment it is only running about 2-5% ?? -

Thank You - :)

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I downloaded the System Explorer but , although it shows a lot of what I already know , it is nothing except another looker at the system -

It will not show how to repair anything or what the actual "fault" (if any) is - ??? :)

Once I posted the figures above there was no answer - Did I get it wrong ?? or is it 'history' for this machine ??

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Yeah, Flash currently seems pretty inefficient, it eats up a lot of CPU so it's pretty natural for it to happen like that. You can use Orca or you can just disable the Flash plugin temporarily in IE when you don't need it on web pages that contain flash ads etc as they will tend to eat up CPU as well when they're displayed.

As a side note, Adobe is working on a version of Flash Player which is currently in beta that will use the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit ie your video card) to accelerate the rendering of Flash based content, meaning your CPU won't have to do most of the work for displaying Flash based content any more.

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I would never use any of the applets promoted through Facebook as they are an easy way to infect your system:

How Safe are Facebook Applications?


Facebook turning off app notifications


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