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BSOD? Thought I had Total PC Defender beat


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I believe I have Total PC Defender 2010

Was able to overcome Malwarebytes install problems with the help of this forum and reclaim my computer, or so I thought.

I also ran a full updated MCafee scan, a full updated MWB's scan and a full updated Super Anti Spyware scan. All scans quarenteened various items.

Everything seemed to be working so I decided to do a google search for this forum on the infected machine through Firefox and BAM, Defender started up again.

I turned the computer off and now if I restart in normal or safe mode, I get a blue screen and it say's;

Stop c000021a, (fatal system Error)

The session Manager terminated With status of oxc000026c (ox00000000 ox00000000)

The system has been shut down

What does this mean?

What to do next?

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You bet. I turn it on, the blue Dell pops up for a second like normal, then the Windows XP for a few more seconds and then the bsod shows up. I have only tried it twice in regular and safe mode each with the same results.

Last known config? Noticed PCD about 10 days ago. Had the computer functioning well about 2 days ago before the trap was resprung.

One other note, I think their may be additional info on the safe mode blue screen that I didn't post above.

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OK this file is big Print these instruction out so that you know what you are doing

Two programs to download


ISOBurner this will allow you to burn OTLPE ISO to a cd and make it bootable. Just install the program, from there on in it is fairly automatic. Instructions


  • Download OTLPE.iso and burn to a CD using ISO Burner. NOTE: This file is 292Mb in size so it may take some time to download.
  • When downloaded double click and this will then open ISOBurner to burn the file to CD
  • Reboot your system using the boot CD you just created.
    Note : If you do not know how to set your computer to boot from CD follow the steps here
  • Your system should now display a REATOGO-X-PE desktop.
  • Double-click on the OTLPE icon.
  • When asked "Do you wish to load the remote registry", select Yes
  • When asked "Do you wish to load remote user profile(s) for scanning", select Yes
  • Ensure the box "Automatically Load All Remaining Users" is checked and press OK
  • OTL should now start. Change the following settings
    • Change Drivers to Use Safelist

    [*]Press Run Scan to start the scan.

    [*]When finished, the file will be saved in drive C:\OTL.txt

    [*]Copy this file to your USB drive if you do not have internet connection on this system

    [*]Please post the contents of the OTL.txt file in your reply.

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First question: yes, you can try it, but tbh, I don't expect it to work (however, it never hurts to try, who knows :) )

Second question: the goal is to get your computer up and running again.

If I think a reformat is the only option in a case, I'll always explain why; the steps I gave you in my last post will allow you to create a log that will help me determine what is wrong with your computer and hopefully fixing it :)

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got to the REATOGO Desktop and when I double click on the black and yellow OTLPE icon a box comes up that say "Browse for folder" It gives me different choices in MY Computer

In My Computer, please expand c:\ and locate the Windows folder. This should start OTLPE.

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No, you did fine, however, it appears there might be some problem with your harddisk.

You're going to need a program called TestDisk. It's a free and open source disk recovery program.

Step 1: Download the TestDisk executable here: Download and save it to a flash drive.

Step 2: On the Reatogo desktop, extract the downloaded zip file using your favorite archive extractor.

Step 3: Double-click on the testdisk_win.exe file (found in the win folder of the extracted archive)

Step 4: You will now be at a scary looking text-based command window:


Press Enter here to create a new log file.

Step 5: TestDisk will now detect all local hard drives, and present them in a list like this:


You have indicated that there is only one hard drive attached to your computer, with two partitions. So, use the arrow (up and down) keys to highlight the disk called /dev/sda.

Note: If /dev/sda isn't listed or you have more than one hard drive, STOP and post back here.

With /dev/sda selected, press Enter

Step 6: Now we need to specify the type of partitions that are on your disk. Select Intel (even if you have an AMD processor).


Press Enter.

Step 7: Select Analyse and press Enter.


Quit TestDisk by pressing Q. Post me the testdisk log please (it can be found in the win folder).

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Well, this could mean something is wrong with the OTLPE disk.

Do you still have the downloaded .iso file? If so, please check the filesize: this should be as in the quote below

Bytes - 290,236,416

MB - 276.7

Also, can you please try to boot from the CD on a known clean and normal functioning computer and see if it sees the C drive there.

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Yes, this CD just loads in RAM, it does not change a thing, unless you access the C drive and change things there (i.e. if you delete a file on your c drive when booted on Reatogo, it will stick). It doesn't change a thing on your installed system when you boot from it.

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