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A couple of questions about the paid version

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Hello all,

I've got Malwarebytes running on a machine with WIN XP SP2 (updated regularly) and Norton 2009 AV (also updated regularly) and using the built-in Windows firewall. I'm running into two issues when I start the machine. I did skim the post where the Windows firewall isn't recommended, but I saw nothing in the common questions or troubleshooting area relating to my problems.

A system tray notification icon saying the Windows firewall is disabled appears during system startup, then it disappears after a few seconds. I dont' remember this happening before installing Malwarebytes in the paid mode. I've tried not starting Malwarebytes automatically with windows to correct this. Without auto-start it does change when the firewall does this in the startup sequence, but it does still happen. I've completed complete full scans of the system with both Norton and Malwarebytes and neither product finds anything.

The second issue is the Microsoft MSN icon in the system tray shows up as a black box when Malwarebytes auto-starts with Windows. If I exit MSN and restart it, the icon is fine. If I do not auto-start Malwarebytes with Windows, the icon is fine.

The second problem is not a big concern, but I would like to know why the firewall seems to bounce during startup. The obvious concern is some type of malware, but if that's true, neither Malwarebytes nor Norton seems to find it.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Thank you

Michael Saffold

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