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FP on brand new Win7 x64 system? - first MBAM scan


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Hi, all:

Just fired up the new Win7 Ult 64 desktop this afternoon.

MBAM Pro was installed ASAP, updated and I just ran a quick scan, picking up 1 reg entry that I think is that FP I remember hearing about some time back.

Screen shot is attached.

Sorry, I hit "ignore" before I thought to re-scan in developer mode. :) (The last time I had a "hit" on MBAM it was a MAJOR FP (the add/remove programs feature), and I was too quick to "quarantine" it.

This time I might have been too quick to "ignore".

When I did rescan in dev mode, it was clean.

There's ~nothing on the computer yet, and all I've done today is fully patch Windows & IE, update & patch OEM McAfee security center, install and patch MS Office, update/patch Flash Player for IE and FF, update Adobe Reader (haven't installed CS4 yet), install email client, etc. I haven't even moved my files, installed my printer, etc. McAfee and MBAM have been up and running all afternoon, with no real-time detections, and I am behind a router.

Please advise.



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Hi, Sam:

Thanks, that's what I thought.

I was so brain-fried by the time I got to that point yesterday, I couldn't find your thread.

So, I assume I should just leave it in the IGNORE list?

IOW, the "remove" button from that screen would remove the file from the computer, NOT from the ignore list, right?

(I've only had 1 other detection by MBAM, and it was a FP, too. I just want to be sure I don't accidentally delete a needed reg key.)

Thanks very, very much!


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