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XP Obsolete?


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I would be looking to see about returning the Acer monitor and getting a refund. XP is still being sold, and it's hardly "obsolete." There's no excuse for them not supporting XP, and it's an indication of how they will treat you in the future.

I goofed.

I just looked and found out that Microsoft actually stopped selling XP in January of 2009. A lot of vendors are still selling it, but that's just because they still have licenses or stock left.

I'd still be a bit miffed about Acer not supporting XP, but I can see their point.

I think your best bet at this point is to get the system hooked up to the Internet and grab the drivers as exile360 mentions.

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With that link I posted the user can download the driver package and save it to CD or a USB drive and copy it to the computer that needs the driver, that way there's no need to dig the PC out of the cabinet.

That being said, while XP is no longer available from Microsoft or in retail, it's end of life for support by MS does not end until 2014 I think so hardware vendors should continue to support it as well, especially for something as universal as a monitor.

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Thank you stuartk2010 and exile360 for your replies.

I have used Acer monitors with no problems for 3 years now, but this has me reconsidering what I will get in the future.

For some reason I could not get through to the MS website (activeX would not install) so I went ahead and disassembled the cabinet and logged on to Windows Update and I now have the driver.

I was not aware that the Microsoft Update Catalog had drivers like this. When I find out what the problem was logging on I will have to look into this and see what is available.

Thanks again.

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