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Can't right click in Firefox

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I'm on the Vista machine that I work on from time to time, and I cannot right-click in Firefox. Right clicking on the computer and IE works just fine, but, does not work in Firefox. It's just super annoying.

Anyone have any ideas what this might be and/or how I might be able to fix it?

I can't find anything in the options settings that relates to this. I already uninstalled it then reinstalled it (retained bookmarks and whatnot though).

I am leaving soon but I will be back in a few weeks or so... so I can work on it again then.

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This has to do with the amount of memory Firefox uses at one time. Try to keep only 2 or 3 tabs open at once, in one session, as any more than that causes the right-click menu to dysfunction.

Should be fixed in 3.6.2 :) Would be out in 3.6.1, but it is a security update only.

It has nothing to do with a bug, just a memory configuration issue. Try to do the following, while you have 3 or 4 tabs open:

Place this in the address bar and hit enter: about:cache?device=memory

Then, post the four entries from the top: Number of entries, Maximum storage size, Storage in use, and Inactive storage.

Lastly, find the entry in the entire log, which has the most bytes used. Copy and paste the Key and Data size back here, please.

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Thanks Jay :)

I'll try that next time I am at that machine.

Funny thing is, though, I only have one tab open and that happens. It's strange.

Hasn't happened to me on any other machine.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here you go, Jay :)

Number of entries: 2

Maximum storage size: 20480 KiB

Storage in use: 1 KiB

Inactive storage: 1 KiB

I'll be at this machine about another 4 hours after the time of this post.

Edit: Oddly enough, I can now right click... weird. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on it and see if I can't later on.

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