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Quarantining and uninstalling...

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I don't leave MWB on my PC most of the time. If I suspect I've picked something up, I download the latest version run a scan, "remove" whatever it finds, and then uninstall it again.

Am I endangering my machine by doing this? Should I be deleting the quarantined files after they get quarantined? Also if I uninstall, what happens to those quarantined files? Just want to make sure I'm not doing something that's making it not work as well.

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Hello Kelemvor, and welcome to the forums here at Malwarebytes.org ;)

May I ask why you uninstall Malwarebytes after using it? It's a good idea to keep it on your system and do at least a weekly scan.

That being said, no, you are not endangering your machine, although uninstalling it and then reinstalling Malwarebytes multiple times isn't really the best idea, just because reinstalling and uninstalling shouldn't be necessary unless you are having issues with the program itself or updating the program when a new version comes. Also if you use it more than once ever, it does not hurt at all to leave it installed on your system, even if you only use it once a month or less.

As for threats that are placed in quarantine, once placed there, they are rendered dead and can no longer harm your system. As long as you have not used the mbam clean tool, if you uninstall Malwarebytes and then re-install it, the items you've deleted previously will still be in quarantine. Items are placed into quarantine in the unlikely event that there is a result that is actually a False Positive. If you experience no issues with your system and programs after a week or two of placing items into quarantine, it is safe to delete them from quarantine.

As a side note, when replying, please use the "ADD REPLY" button when replying.

Thank you :)

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