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Scan Dowloads Before Running

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Probably doing things wrong I'll download an app to my desktop before trying - right-click the setup icon that appears on desktop - scan with MBAM/SAS/Antivir first, then open to run it. I recently had one of those free sucker apps, where you decline toolbar/free movies/free travel, etc. offers, but accept their app - it goes through the motion of downloading - but doesn't really load - leaving a trail of shortcuts everywhere for the apps you declined. Cleaned them up, rescanned with MBAM and snagged 15 tracking cookies. The $64,000 question is, why weren't the tracking cookies detected when I scanned the setup file on my desktop - or does the file have to be opened first?

Thanks for any advise on scanning files before running.

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Hi Mudsurfer -

Malwarebytes will not always remove all downloaded cookies - SAS and Antivir usually pick these up first - Do you scan and remove items with CCleaner or a similar cleaner like ATF Cleaner from Atribune -

Thank You - :lol:

Thanks Noknojon... I guess tracking cookies are no big deal anyway and cleaned up in my rountine scans. Just wanted to be sure scanning a downloaded file's icon on the desktop was doing what it's supposed to do.

I use Tracks Easer Pro, RegCleaner & Advanced SystemCare for general maintenance.

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cookies don't harm directly your OS, they are not active data, they are used to store parameters or information.

In the worst case, they harm your privacy but not your OS's stability or functions, unlike malwares do.

About scan before run, in fact if your resident modules are set up, especially the antivirus one, the files you run are scanned and intercepted before they run, so even if you double click, they can be stopped in case something is detected.

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