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Do any of you guys use free anti-virus software? Which do you recommend?

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Hello, welcome to Malwarebytes forums, :P

personally, I use the free version of Avira's Antivir.

It has a good detection rate, and the updates add to database recent threats detection, unlike Avast (unfortunately). AVG is quite good but needs more memory.

One things comparatives cannot reflect easily is how fast teams react. Let's say every antivirus gives you daily updates. If the updates add definitions for threats known for 10 days, it is useless - well - less than adding detection for top recent variants. What matters is what is inside, and Antivir is quite good, for this.

I won't say it's the best, or that the best antivirus exist, one hour after reading this, you are protected, or not, depending on what the updates contain. This will be the difference between a protected computer, and an infected computer, sometimes. :lol:

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Hi -

I have found that Microsoft Security Essentials is as god as any other free A/V - It is fully active at all times -

This is a subject that always gets at least 5 opposing views - Pick one you feel OK with and then try another in a month to see if YOU find it better or otherwise - There is no one answer -

Thank You - :lol:

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The free version of Avira's Antivir is fine as long as you do not mind a Full Page advertisement every time the virus definitions are updated to interupt what you are doing.

Microsoft Security Essentials is not bad but I would not put the trust Microsoft only.


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I stopped using free AV software after I found it to not be that satisfactory. It is generally less effective than some other, better packages.

I used NOD32 from Eset (www.nod32.com) and have been doing so for the last 5 years or so. It is very well-respected, does really well on the various tests, and won't slow down your computer like some other AV software.

I also highly recommend Kaspersky AV. It also does really well at detection and cleaning, although it does seem to slow your system down a bit.

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By free anti-vrius software I mean AVG, Avast, Avira etc. Which one is the best? I know AVG is the most popular, but I've heard lots of bad things about it. I've heard Avira has the highest detection rate...is this true?

Out of the three products that you list Avira has a history of offering the highest detection rates. FP's really aren't an issue even when the heuristics are set to high. However I have found that it's lacking in the removal dept. You can easily block the update nag screen by searching Google.

Please keep in mind that in the end all of the responses are based on opinion. The best is what performs best on your system. Read some credible antivirus reviews/comparatives, use the forum search, and drop one on your pc to see how it works out.

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