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windows vista admin account and standard account


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are people bothered by vista's admin account? everytime you download a program to install it says you need to go into your admin side to install it and all of these annoying logging to your admin account popups whenever you want to add something to your computer. Does anyone use a standard account and do all these steps whenever they want to change or add something to there computer?

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I always use the standard account for everything, if I have to DL something or update a prog you get the prompt to put in your admin password but I hardly do that everyday, more like once or twice a week so its no hardship to do it.

Its there for your safety, the only thing I am not keen on is the elevated admin that you need sometimes to change things but that is not often either and for your safety too.

I never surf in admin, its just there as a fail safe.

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I'll stick my neck out here and say that I've always made my user account an admin account (did that with XP before as well); it's just maybe my luck but I've had very few infections over the years. But then again I'm not one for downloading willy-nilly.

It's all about perceived risk v. actual damage should the risk materialize, [says he, in his wisdom.:lol:]

I use Vista's Admin account only for clearing out index.dat folder caches and I only do that when I'm off line.

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Actually, in Vista you can do everything from a standard account thanks to User Account Control ;). If UAC doesn't prompt you, then right-click what you're installing and select Run as administrator and it will work just fine :). It is much better than limited accounts using the Run as command in XP, which doesn't work half the time.

even if you click run as admin it still sometimes tell's you that you don't have admin privileges and need to contact the admin or something in that sense. I remember once when i had an standard account. I tried installing something and it said ''run as admin'' and i clicked yes and then it gave me the x sign and said you dont have admin privileges contact your administrator

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Interesting, I've never had that happen. Were you prompted for the Admin password (if one existed)? If not then there's something buggy there. Of course, these days most software is perfectly aware of UAC and will request the highest privelage level when needed, which will automatically bring up a UAC prompt and the program will function properly. With older applications it is also sometimes needed to use the options on the Compatibility tab to change their privelage level to force them to run as admin, and sometimes XP SP2 compatibility mode is required as well.

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