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How to become a malware expert?


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Hi! I'm SamuelR45 and I'm just wondering how to become a malware expert on malwarebytes forums? I would like to download some samples off the newest rogues section. Just so people know I do know about malware, I have a YouTube account (SamuelR45) which tests malware and helps people to remove them.

Please help me become a malware expert on the forums it would really help me with my malware help career. I want to be able to help more people on my videos.

All help will be appreciated.

From SamuelR45 :lol:

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Me too :(

Plus also supplying complete support and reading and fully advising on Malware removal (Before; During; and what to do After its cleaned)

Yet; this is not enough!

Yes we are told to search and follow online removal guides and generally all will help remove all infections.

But, still it is stated that your own thread is preferred where a Malware specialist will confirm all is ok.

Until then you are still looked as likely infected in any thread you make "I already cleaned my computer, but..."

So where's the guide online that states do this..? and then you won't need to get further "specialized" opinion or help?

Why aren't they complete?

The answer seems to be that, everyone's system is totally individual to another one, and until the specific User logs are checked (by a Malware removal specialist) then (and only then) are you looked as clean! Even if you do it yourself!


The answer is not that I or You can clean your own computer. But if you are qualified to clean (or support on) others computers.

I generally feel that I'm way experienced to clean other users. Fully!

But its my place to say this. Its the forum rules and guidelines, that mention Minimum required qualifications, and then to be even approved by the forum to allow this support on others.

And I do see the issues involved, if not "approved". A member could inappropriately advise to do something that could otherwise cause more fault or issue to the user. Let alone what tools (free or otherwise) mentioned to use. On the forum.

But, I'll let you in on a secret (that happens off forums) most techs haven't been to online Malware university!

And I suppose what happens off the forum, is of no consequence here anyway, except of course until you make a relevant new thread.

So, yes search and read other threads and guides.

But when it comes to supporting others, you must adhere to the forum rules here, or do it yourself offline!

I've serviced (removed malware) fully on about .. who knows! 10K computers! (no idea howamany) But I am not allowed to advise anything (officially) here.

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Good points kimsland, but it also must be considered that if the user in question who is being helped has no second computer, if the system gets to a state where it won't boot or can't get online, they're stuck and you can't help them. This isn't the case if the PC is taken to a tech shop. They have other systems to work from as well as tools such as bootable diagnostics and repair discs they can rely on. Most users these days would have no idea how to use those and most OEM systems don't even come with an actual Windows disc so they're stuck without the Recovery Console and other critical tools that come in handy when the tragic happens.

This is one of many reasons that the training is absolutely essential for online helpers vs do-it-yourself techs. I know this from experience. I worked as a tech in several PC shops for years and only now am I doing the training because I saw the necessity of it when I realized how different the online environment is vs having the PC directly in front of me.

There's also information on proprietary tools to consider, information only made available in the training schools.

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According to most online forums. You can't do this yourself and post thread to say this!

That's my point. Forums have changed the way that we are allowed to support online.

If you want to support online you can't. You must first be approved.

So be it, that's the individual forums rules. But on your own (off the forum) You may still be an expert, on removing Malware from your computer, you quite possible are :(


Here's the issue (example) in plain basic clear English:

Hi Support :)

I have an issue with my computer with Virus like problems.

Note: I have fully scanned; checked logs; all logs mentioned by the same tools mentioned on other Malware removal topics/Guides

I've used all tools supplied and referenced on all topics mentioned by the same tools mentioned on other Malware removal topics/Guides

I've completed all Security updates and done everything as per all topics mentioned by the same tools mentioned on other Malware removal topics/Guides.

I am highly experienced on Malware removal, I am 100% sure there is no Malware what-so-ever!

But this, fault that specifically has caused my Windows (and now even my network computers) to go offline, is baffling me.

Where do I begin?

Support Reply Answer

Please run through the Malware removal guide, and post the logs.




I see forums are not set up for User faults such as mine!

There is no area on a Forum that says I want support on non Malware issues, that act like Malware issues, unless you go through the normal wasted time of going through the Malware removal procedure.

What happens in reality. These members either don't post (ie in the know) Or they decide not to reply again (ie Not the support they require)

What can they do?

Nothing. Because experienced users, such as myself. Cannot advise for them to try Windows OS fixes etc. They are locked out! Because this must be handled by Malware specialists first.

This area is the online forum's fault. By making it perfect (well as good as they can) they have stopped Users from asking for support. Basically not believing them until the forum specialists have confirmed all is ok. Big mistake, that will change one day.

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It's not always unrelated to malware, that's the point. An expert should review their logs to make sure they're clean. Those same logs will often give clues as to other non-malware related causes of common issues as well and malware, particularly nasties such as rootkits, can't be seen with most normal scanners and tools like HijackThis etc. However, that being said, most of these forums have an area such as this one. Areas like that are exactly where users such as yourself can help many users with non-malware related issues.

Besides that, it's a matter of trust. You're trusting that the user knows how to read a HijackThis log, ComboFix log (unlikely as no public documentation is available), GMER log and whatever other tools may be used. Though the issue may seem unrelated to malware, it's the nature of most malware to do a pretty good job at hiding itself and those trained in malware removal at the schools do have training in troubleshooting other problems as well. I don't see it as a waste of time myself as it never hurts to have a second opinion to make sure you're clean.

I don't see a problem though as there's nothing preventing users such as yourself from helping at other forums, only the specific ones with that particular criteria required for malware removal specialists. It's their forum and their rules.

This again applies to what I said before, you don't have the computer in front of you so there's only so much you can know, no matter how experience you may be. Unless you've been trained, the forum mods/admins etc have no way to confirm your statements regarding your knowledge and the truth is the training would likely do you some good. If you don't see it that way that's fine, then don't reply on said forums and help on others that don't require the training instead.

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I'd like to jump in here as well :)

First of all, I did my training at the BleepingComputer malware removal school (for a link see AdvancedSetups post).

I would say to everyone who seriously wants to learn about malware: join one of the UNITE schools, its really worth it :(

The different schools have a slightly different setup, but the things you will learn are the same...

I became my own expert...just by reading about others experiences in many well known forums.

I did that before joining training. But as mentioned before, a lot of information is not to be found out in the open (for the very valid reason that malware developpers cannot see it).

To put it bluntly: its not possible to become a malware expert only by reading. It involves more than just using a few scanners. Its knowing what malware is out there, what it does, how it installs, where it hides. Also, knowing what tools are available, how they work and how you can accomplish your goal by using them...

@tarnak and kimsland, this is no personal remark to you both, just a general observation :)

EDIT ~ @kimsland, I can't talk for others, but if I see an issue that is not malware related, and I can't help my user fix it, I recommend them to post in the appropriate forum where I know there are others around who might be able to help them. I'm not very active at MBAM except for the Malware Removal forum, but I am at other boards and I can only say a forum is highly dependent on its normal members.

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