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MBAM freezes after ~5 minutes @ ehPresenter.dll

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Hello All,

I've been poking around on here for the past few hours and noticed several threads related to MBAM locking up, so I thought I'd add my own experience to the pile.

I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64, with Avira Personal AntiVir.

MBAM has been excluded in Avira.

The Quick Scan runs to completion in Safe Mode, but the Full Scan locks up in the same place (C:\Windows\ehome\ehPresenter.dll) in Safe Mode and in Normal Mode.

If I have Task Manager running when I launch MBAM, it will remain running after MBAM locks up, until I click on the mbam.exe to kill it, at which point Task Manager also locks up and the whole computer locks up. I have tried running MBAM after first killing explorer.exe, with the same result. The HDD activity light keeps flickering away after lockup, so I know something is still running.

I've searched the Windows Event Logs, but nothing out of the ordinary jumps out at me.

For MBAM to crash Task Manager, I have to assume that this is more than a configuration conflict, but I will diligently follow any troubleshooting steps you can provide in an effort to rectify this issue.



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