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Spybot and the message on ad robots


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I updated Spybot today and now get a message about "if I remove ad robots with this program, you may not be able to continue using their hosts program" I do not understand this.

Is this about if I add ads to the host file or if I use ads?

I noticed that SB is now not compatible with Lavasofts AdAware (got a pop up and managed to find the remnants of it after revo left a few behind!)

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Um, I get that popup every time I open SpyBot. Have you never seen this before?

Attached is what I see every time I open it. Is that what you see, Chimpy?


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Yep that is what I see, I have not updated SB for 3-4 weeks prior to this and its the first time I have seen it. Has it been around long?

Edit I notice from googling a bit more that its been around for awhile, I wonder why this is the first time I have seen it :lol:

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I've seem this many times myself, but don't quite understand it. My understanding from reading this is if you use 3rd party advertisements, but spybot happens to remove parts of them(because it detected them)you may get banned from using advertisements. Just a wild guess. :huh:

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I believe this is what they might mean, but I'm probably not right. :huh:

Okay, let's say for example you're installing a program named "NextGuard" and it comes bundled with an adware program named "ProAds", and you aren't able to uninstall ProAds alone, you must uninstall NextGuard to get rid of ProAds.

Or NextGuard will notice that some of ProAd's files are missing, and may cease to function.

And when Spybot removes ProAds, NextGuard will not work anymore.

That's my long (And most likely wrong) attempt at an explanation. :)

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Ah its ok, What ever happened was weird, the scan before that one was blank it turns out, so something blanked it and possibly wiped the hosts file too (at the time I couldnt remember how to find and read the file if I remember correctly), it was nothing malicious it seems though so what ever it was was a glitch that reset my SB, and so I got that message as it must have thought it was a clean install.

It happened on a 24-48 time period were my computer crashed 6-7 times and nothing was in the event viewer so I have no clue why it happened but all scans turned out fine and I was able to update the hosts again and that issue has not come back, touch wood.

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