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I currently use a program called Wise Disk Cleaner. When the program is run it attempts to connect ( to in order to check for updates. MBAM IP Protection blocks the connection. Since I respect MBAM I have also set my firewall to prevent Wise Disk Cleaner from connecting.

However, Wise Disk Cleaner is listed as highly regarded at Download.com.

My question: Is the Wise Disk Cleaner site bad, or is the IP in a range of IP's where numerous "bad" sites exist?


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Wise Disk Cleaner checks out OK - But there are some others on that IP range that are not good -

So it sould be OK to let Wise Disk Cleaner connect??? The good thing about blocking the Wise Disk Cleaner IP is that the "nag screen" promoting an upgrade no longer shows up. :)

And thanks for the quick reply.

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I have the same problem that started today. I didn't install Wise Disk Cleaner, but something else is also going on with mine. I made the dumb mistake of trying a new program called IconWatch, I believe. McAfee didn't find anything when it checked upon download, but when I started the install it came up a few seconds later and blocked it. Unfortunately, though, something got into my system because I started getting the same message as you from MalwareBytes about blocking IP Also, whenever it gets blocked, I get a script error that comes up trying to connect to http://www.forumswatcher.com/SearchExt.htm....SearchSource=6. On one occasion the url on the script error was http://www.infima-compression.com/log_stats.asp and, on one other occasion, it tried to hook up to Ask.com. Whenever I start Firefox the script errors start popping up like every 15 seconds. I've run full scan's using a number of different products and, although it found and removed 2 trojans, I'm still getting the errors. I've also run CCleaner and AdAware Pro to no avail. I've been searching the internet trying to find similar circumstances, but the only thing I found out for sure was that the IP we are both getting is definitely blacklisted.

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The site may be very good but there can be advertising that sets the blocker off -

How can I add an IP so it won't be detected and can access a site I need to?

Visit the site and incur an IP block. Then right-click on the Malwarebytes system-tray icon after the block notification appears, and choose Add to Ignore List.

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